Arena Standard/Professional Edition (Public or On-site) Course

The Arena Standard/Professional Edition course is taught by experienced Arena Simulation Consultants and consists of an even balance of lectures and hands-on workshops. Here's how it breaks down:

Part 1 -- Begins with an introduction to simulation and the Arena modeling methodology. Next you'll apply these fundamentals to a mini-project, so that by the end of a single day, you will have achieved your first successful application of simulation. Using Arena's integrated tools and flowchart modeling environment, you'll build a graphically animated model, select appropriate distributions from empirical data, and perform a statistical analysis of model results.

Part 2 and 3 -- The fundamentals presented on Day 1 are extended into areas such as modeling complex decision logic, and using Arena's built-in material handling system constructs. Animation and analysis concepts are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce the importance of these aspects of the successful use of simulation.

Part 4 -- (Public Course Only, On-site Course is 3-days) A half-day introduction to the new visualization tools in Arena as well as application-focused consulting and project jump start. You will learn how to build live data dashboards and get an overview of 3D animation in Arena. Following the visualization overview, you will begin to map out your own modeling efforts with the expert advice of our consulting staff. The on-site course can be customized to include visualization training and mentoring depending on client needs.

Customized Arena Course

Black Swan Solutions offers customized courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses can be held in our offices or yours, and we can accommodate one person or twenty. You design the course that's right for you!

For customized courses, contact us.
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