You have decided not to purchase a license, but still want to benefit from Simulation? “Enlightenment” ensures that you get just that, without having to pay for a developer license.

When choosing “Enlightenment”, Black Swan’s simulation experts would manage your simulation project and develop the Arena interactive model. working closely with your project team to identify your key objectives, define your scope and deliver a fully validated model to satisfy your needs and deliver the expected value. We are also available to provide model analysis support and recommendations based on results.

Results may include:

  • Quick delivery of verified and validated model.
  • Typical project ROI is 10-15 times investment.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Test changes in realistic conditions.
  • Understand how randomness and variability affects your system.
  • Eliminate wasteful bottlenecks.
  • Demonstrate the impact of change.
  • Increase the ability to build consensus from all players.
  • Enforce changes with confidence.
  • Validate investment (equipment, resources, etc.) allocations.
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Once again in 2013, Gartner Identifies Advanced Analytics including Simulation as a Strategic Technology Trend.
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