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Today’s manufacturers are under the pressure of increasing production demand and efficiency, while reducing overall production cost, this further emphasizes the need to maximize current production line(s) and/or designing a new line correctly the first time.

Arena® Packaging Template addresses the shortcomings of the old paperand-pencil and spreadsheet analytical techniques of the past and delivers information for the total dynamics and variability inherent in the modern packaging operation.

Advantages of Arena® Packaging Template:
  • Excellent strategic tool for improving or determining the performance of a current or proposed system.
  • Evaluate where to focus process improvement initiatives by seeing effect on overall system.
  • Design your system correctly the first time including conveyor lengths, accumulation sizing, and sensor positioning.
  • Easier-to-use flowchart modeling environment is the ideal way to bring the power of modeling and simulation to business process improvement.
  • Using the virtual Packaging Template can reveal the impact of a proposed change on your throughput, operational e! ectiveness, and profit margins.
  • Helps you predict system performance based on key metrics such as throughput, utilization, blockages/starvations, and e! ective run rates.
Features of Arena® Packaging Template:
Arena Packaging Template provides you with a comprehensive tool necessary to simulate your current or proposed packaging system, represented by a model (or several models) of your processes, operating parameters, con" guration, and resources.

Once constructed, your unique packaging simulation model can be subjected to various scenarios, conditions, and operational rules that may be far too risky and expensive to implement in real life. The Packaging Template can reveal the impact of a proposed change on your throughput, operational e! ectiveness, and most importantly your bottom line – cost.

By testing proposals and strategies in realistic conditions – before committing to real investments or implementing changes on live business – you gain the con" dence to select and implement only the strategies that have been proven to work, reducing the risk of improper implementations. The result – “right-sizing” your facility, maximized operating efficiency, and meeting customer demands.
Benefits of Arena® Packaging Template:
MAKE INFORMED DECISIONSDURING SYSTEM DESIGN The basic elements of a high-speed packaging line have many similarities, but understanding a system’s intricacies and how the performance and con" gurations affectone another can be quite complex. Arena can mimic the behavior of your system, assisting in making strategic decisions about it.

Packaging Equipment
The Arena Packaging Template has speci" c building blocks to represent the equipment on virtually any packaging line. Specifec objects include machine types, accumulating and non-accumulating conveyors, palletizer and depalletizers, as well as storage and flow tanks.

Multiple Machine Types
Regardless of the type of machine in the line, Arena can mimic its behavior. This includes everything ranging from assembly machines to falling machines to labeling machines to heat treat ovens.

Machine, Conveyor, and Palletizing Performance
Accounting for equipment performance is essential in analyzing any packaging line. Arena’s Packaging Template enables a user to account for run rates for each piece of equipment, even unique to the item running through the line. In addition, the reliability of equipment can be factored. This is pivotal in evaluating new systems and understanding the amount of necessary bu! er in the system.

Accumulation Tables
As space is limited in most facilities, accumulation tables or devices are e! ective in maximizing space and providing necessary bu! er. Conveyor constructs enable the modeling of these items to assist in determining the proper bu! er necessary in your system.

Handle Complex Issues with Ease
Arena Packaging Template was designed to handle a wide array of complex issues, from sensor logic for both conveyors and tanks to modifying upstream run conditions when down stream items fail to a changing of diverter direction.

Conveyor and Tank Sensors
Forcing machines to do hard starts and stops due to blockages and starvation can be very harsh on any machine. Creating the necessary bu! er and utilizing sensors on conveyors can reduce the likelihood of these events. Arena Packaging Template easily allows placement of sensors on conveyors or tanks to emulate the current system or see the e! ect of modifying sensor positioning or resultant actions.

Control Logic
Effectively designing and constructing a systems control behavior can increase machine performance, reduce footprint requirements, and maximize throughput. Arena’s Packaging Template enables testing these conditions including modifying run rates based on downstream states to changing diverter positioning to replenishing needed materials based on time or sensors.

Splitting, and Merging
Arena Packaging Template has specifec building blocks to mimic the behavior of conveyor switching, splitting, and merging. Divert items based on product, count, or triggered by other system conditions or actions.

Convert Existing System Information into Actionable Business Decisions
Arena Packaging Template can leverage existing information to help you identify and focus on existing problem areas and bottlenecks so you can suggest specifecimprovements.

Integrate with Key Data
Arena Packaging Template leverages key data management technologies to make data transfer and integration an integral component of the solution. Arena is able to read from and write to any Microsoft®-supported data repository such as Excel or Access. Using DAO capability, you can read in data such as machine and conveyor run parameters, reliability, and sensor positioning – information critical to your line(s) operations.

Standardized Add-ins
Arena integrates Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) into its product architecture so that users may create their own utility tools and custom interfaces.

Virtual Packaging Templates
Building models quickly and accurately that simulate complex system behavior is a key strength of Arena Packaging Template. Accurately modeling equipment performance and actions triggered by that performance is absolutely critical to experimenting with the system actions and positioning of devices (sensors) in a system, the software provides several unique features to describe the exact set of parameters used in con" guring a packaging line. As a result, Arena Packaging Template has an outstanding performance record in modeling automated packaging lines for many global packaging, bottling, and manufacturing companies.

Justify Where to Focus Process Improvement
Once you’ve created a model of your Packaging Template, you can add new equipment and bu! ering virtually – in your model – to compare how these new investments a! ect your service and performance levels to justify their purchase and/or where to focus process improvement.

Validate System Behavior
Arena Packaging Template gives you the ability to verify quickly and easily that your model is working properly through a critical “eyes on” flowchart animation.Flowcharting is an ideal, intuitive tool that allows Arena Packaging Template users to map graphically their entire packaging system. In Arena Packaging Template, the flowchart comes to life, enabling visualization of the entire system, or if you prefer, zoom into specific areas in the line. Further veri" cation is provided by online statistics that display the status and performance of equipment graphically as the model runs. No other Packaging Template modeling tool gives you these fundamental capabilities.

Quantify the ROI of a Proposed Change with Arena’s Reports
Once you run a model of your line for a given scenario of inputs, the response of your system can be viewed through reports on key Packaging Template performance issues such as those shown below or one’s that you create yourself.

Machine, Conveyor, and Palletizer Performance Metrics
  • Utilization.
  • Unit summaries, including throughput and loss units.
  • Activity counters (total processed, blockages, changeovers, failures, scheduled stops).
  • Output rates.
  • Time totals in various states.
  • Performance index
  • Yield
  • Costs (total, lost product, equipment operating cost).
Tank Usage
  • Average Level
  • Average Rate

Additionally, Arena Packaging Template can provide real-time dynamic output in the form of plots, histograms, and standard Packaging Template performance metrics. Dynamic animation provides the unique ability to identify bottlenecks visually, obtain a better understanding of the circular relationships affecting system performance, and perform sensitivity analysis. You can create and customize reports as you wish. Information that you want to display is written out to an Access database. Using Crystal Reports® by SAP Business Objects, you can read this information to create sophisticated reports and even display them across the web.
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