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The design and implementation of supplier, manufacturer, customer, and internal organizational processes all have a critical impact on the bottom line – and your ability to stay competitive.

Poorly planned implementations can have disastrous effects, resulting in frustrated customers, lost business, and sinking pro" ts. Arena® simulation software helps protect your business by predicting the impact of new business ideas, rules, and strategies before implementation – offline, without causing disruptions in service.

When the life of your business is at stake, Arena helps in selecting the most beneficial strategies, empowering you with the confidence to “go live,” while avoiding unnecessary expenditures, optimizing investments, and strengthening customer relationships.

Leading organizations have come to rely on Arena to help them improve customer service, capitalize on new business opportunities, and maximize profits.

Arena has helped organizations around the world to:
  • Avoid costly mistakes caused by implementing decisions based solely on intuition.
  • Design processes to withstand the rigors and uncertainty of system randomness and variability.
  • Reveal hidden value and eliminate wasteful bottlenecks in existing implementations and internal processes.
  • Maximize customer relationships through exceptional service and delivery.

Advantages of Arena® Professional Edition:
  • Highest freedom in modeling detailed process operations (If you can describe your process, then you can model it on Arena Professional Edition).
  • Lowest Level Modeling capabilities.
  • Continuous Flow Process Modeling capability.
  • Custom Template Development Tool.
  • Read or write to file capability such as MS Excel, allowing ‘live’ editable interaction with your simulation model.
  • Easier-to-use flowchart modeling environment is the ideal way to quickly bring the power of modeling and simulation to business process improvement.
  • Designed for use throughout an enterprise for system analysis and planning.
  • Excellent flexible and scalable tool for improving business or manufacturing productivity.
  • Convenient spreadsheet interface to define data such as business variables, resources and schedules.
  • Helps you predict system performance based on key metrics such as costs, throughput, cycle times and utilizations.
  • Assists in identifying process bottlenecks.
Features of Arena® Professional Edition:
Arena® Professional Edition is designed for use throughout an enterprise, supporting both in-depth analyses of a particular functional area (e.g., manufacturing, logistics, customer service, health care) and analysis of processes that span several functional areas.

Arena offers the unparalleled ease-of-use, flexibility, scalability, and domain experience required for modeling any aspect of a business enterprise. Based upon the concepts of the SIMAN simulation language and the Cinema animation package, Arena uses a flowchart-style modeling methodology that does not require you to program in another environment like C++ or Java. Its hierarchical modeling and an extensive graphical library help make Arena the world’s leading simulation system.

Features of Arena Professional Edition include:

Creating simulation models
  • Completely scalable, enterprise-wide modeling to model any aspect of your business – from simple to highly complex processes.
  • Intuitive flowchart editor to describe processes.
  • Optional convenient spreadsheet data entry.
  • Powerful modeling of expensive and critical constraints and resources such as staff, equipment, and other investments.
  • No “brick walls” – robust modeling for detailed studies of complex systems.
  • Model virtually any material-handling scenario.
  • Hierarchical aggregation and decomposition to aggregate or expand system components.
  • Adaptability of the system allows you to exploit the easy, high-level modeling constructs when possible, then drill down to lower, more detailed levels when greater flexibility is needed.
  • Merge models built collaboratively through a simple copy and paste.
  • Free library of nearly 300 tutorial models (Smarts) to help you learn.

Data integration and model customization.
  • Read in data directly from outside sources, including Arena supported distributions.
  • Graphical editor to describe schedules associated with staff and equipment, as well as arrivals of customers, parts, or other system entities.
  • Input data analyzer that automatically fits raw data to the best statistical distributions.
  • Reuse existing knowledge and data through built-in spreadsheet and interface to standard databases such as Microsoft® Excel and Access.
  • Generate custom user and data interfaces with Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) and ActiveX® controls • Customizable toolbars, context-sensitive menus, and online help.
  • Ability to create virtually any customizable metric to aid in evaluating system performance.

Running simulations.
  • Automatic flowchart animation for dynamic visualization of process flows.
  • Compelling system animation for presentations and system validation with a vast collection of customizable icons and dynamic business graphs.
  • Run-control features, including powerful debugging tools like graphical object browsers, watch windows, breakpoints, and more.
  • Easier distribution of models to others for viewing and experimenting.

Viewing results and making decisions.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability through Crystal Reports®, including graphs publishable as HTML, Microsoft® Word, Excel, and more.
  • Automatic roll-up of statistics through process hierarchy so that you can view costs, times, and other information at the lowest level … and also see their accumulation in departments, workcenters, or entire facilities.
  • Detailed activity-based costing, custom statistics, and automatic con" dence intervals.
  • Powerful output analysis tools to compare results from different scenarios.
Benefits of Arena® Professional Edition:
Natural and consistent modeling methodology Many simulation software packages require users to learn and apply di# erent and confusing modeling methodologies, depending upon the complexity of the application. Arena utilizes a familiar, flowchart-style technique for model building – regardless of the detail of complexity of the application being modeled.

Extendible and customizable Arena’s standard, flexible architecture allows the creation of custom interfaces and applications. As an enterprise matures in its use of simulation, Arena Professional provides the development platform for organizations to craft their own suites of custom simulation tools, including objects specific to your system or organization.

Scalable architecture Arena offers powerful simulation software in a natural, graphical interface. Designed to suit the needs of the beginner, yet powerful enough to satisfy the demands of the most advanced user, Arena adapts to both the application being modeled and the experience level of the user.

Open architecture To improve the value of simulation and its use of existing corporate information assets, Arena Professional Edition delivers built-in, flexible interfaces to leading desktop applications, as well as embedded VBA for creating custom interfaces. ActiveX controls can be inserted into a model to enhance its UI or logic. Model logic and data can be transferred from Microsoft® Visio drawings using Arena’s Visio stencil. In addition, data can be incorporated directly from Microsoft Excel into models or it can be input using Arena’s convenient spreadsheet data interface.

Complete simulation project support Arena Professional Edition provides a complete set of tools to support simulation project activities from start to finish, including statistical analysis of input data, an exhaustive collection of model-building templates and constructs, animation to visualize how your process works and communicate system behavior to others, powerful debugging tools, output analysis tools that help you statistically compare simulation run results to make decisions, and run-time capabilities to distribute your models to others for viewing or experimentation.
Tools of Arena® Professional Edition:
Arena Professional Edition is our black belt simulation modeling tool, If you can describe it, you can model it with this product. It includes all the of the Tools listed in the Basic, Basic plus, and Standard Editions (Basic Process Panel, Advanced Transfer Panel, Advanced Process Panel, Input Analyzer, Output Analyzer, Process Analyzer, and Arena Visual Designer). Below are four key templates and features included in the Professional Edition that can be critical to helping you model the most advanced and complex systems.

Flow Process Template
To meet high-volume production requirements, manufacturing operations in the consumer packaged goods industry usually involve semi-continuous batch processing and/or high-speed packaging operations. While some of these operations can be modeled using discrete approximations, often a better approach is required.

The Flow Process Template is designed specifically to model combined discrete-continuous systems (for example, batch processes). If a system contains both; semi-continuous batch processes as well as high-speed packaging or filling operations, then it may be desirable to use the Flow Process Template with the Arena Packaging Template.

The Flow Process Panel consists of 6 Flow Chart and 1 Data Module.

Blocks and Elements
The SIMAN blocks and elements are the lowest level modeling constructs available in Arena. These commands provide model builders with the ultimate flexibility. Depending on the complexity of your system and intricate business rules you may need access to these constructs to build your model. Blocks are Flowchart modules while Elements are their corresponding Data Modules, with 66 different Blocks and 57 Elements, the possibilities are endless.

Template development
Arena Professional Edition software provides a powerful template development environment giving you the opportunity to create and distribute custom libraries of modeling constructs unique to your organization. Create your own models, save them in a custom template for your use or share these simulation tools with other modelers.

Novice modelers can access the power of simulation as a decision support tool by working with terminology, modeling logic, and graphical animation that are specially developed for their needs.

Experienced Simulationists can improve their productivity and share the knowledge they have gained by capturing essential simulation logic and quickly packaging it into a verified, reusable building block for future models.

Input Analyzer
The Input Analyzer is provided as a standard component of the Arena environment. This powerful and versatile tool can be used to determine the quality of fit of probability distribution functions to input data. It may also be used to fit specific distribution functions to a data file to allow you to compare distribution functions or to display the effects of changes in parameters for the same distribution. In addition, the Input Analyzer can generate sets of random data that can then be analyzed using the software’s distribution-fitting features.

Output Analyzer
The Output Analyzer component of Arena provides an easy-to-use interface that simplifies data analysis and allows you to view and analyze your data quickly and easily.

Process Analyzer
The Process Analyzer (PAN) assists in the evaluation of alternatives presented by the execution of different simulation model scenarios. This is useful to simulation model developers, as well as decision-makers (who are often not intimately familiar with the model, but are familiar with the solution the simulation model is addressing).

The Process Analyzer is focused at post-model development comparison of models. At this stage, the simulation model is assumed to be complete, validated, and configured appropriately for use by the Process Analyzer. The role of the Process Analyzer then is to allow for comparison of the outputs from validated models based on different model inputs.
Add-On Options of Arena® Professional Edition:
OptQuest for Arena OptQuest for Arena lets you define various system inputs (controls and constraints) and desired system outputs (objective functions) and guides the selection of sets of input values (scenarios). OptQuest then thoroughly evaluates each scenario and dynamically selects and evaluates new scenarios in search of the optimum. The separation of the model that represents the system and the procedure that solves optimization problems provide maximum efficiency in identifying new scenarios. The combination of efficiency in search methods and the power of Arena provide the best solution in the least time.

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