Arena® Simulation
Arena® Simulation is a globally recognized decision support solution that delivers the technology required to support risk‐free decision making, in the form of a simulation project. A flowchart‐style modeling methodology, hierarchical modeling, and an extensive graphical library are just some of the features that make Arena the world’s leading simulation system.

Through a combination of process simulation and optimization technologies, Arena simulation software helps demonstrate, predict, and measure system performance‐-specifically the effectiveness and efficiency of new strategies‐‐and test drive new business rules and scenarios in a controlled environment under varying conditions and decision criteria before implementation on "live" operations or customers.

Leading organizations around the world, including 90% of Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on Arena to help them improve customer service, capitalize on new business opportunities, and maximize profits. Typically,Organizations realize a return of more than 10‐15 times their investment in Arena and achieve these returns within a few weeks to a few months.
Standard Edition:
Advanced modeling power for handling complex processes with intricate decision logic, control over entity movement, custom statistics, user-defined expressions, and interfacing with external data. Use the Arena Visual Designer for displaying live data dashboards and 3D animation. Read More
Professional Edition:
For modeling the most highly complex processes, as well as batch and semi-continuous processes. Access to the low-level SIMAN® modeling constructs makes this the ultimate modeling tool. Includes OptQuest for Arena and custom template development tools. Use the Arena Visual Designer for displaying live data dashboards and 3D animation. Read More
Optimization tool (solver) customized and fine-tuned for analyzing the results of simulation runs conducted in Arena (experimentation), to choose the right design with minimal time and efforts. Read More

Packaging Template:
Advanced modeling template for analyzing high-speed manufacturing packaging lines that are fundamental to the manufacturing processes of several industries, including food and beverage; pharmaceutical; tobacco; chemical; electronics; and health and beauty. Read More
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Once again in 2013, Gartner Identifies Advanced Analytics including Simulation as a Strategic Technology Trend.

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