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Evaluate "what-if"
before "what-if" occures
Without disrupting your operations, use Arena to plan ahead, and gain invaluable insights of your future.
Visualize your future
Nothing works better in communication than a Visual illustration.
When choosing “Enlightenment”, Black Swan’s simulation experts would manage your simulation project and develop the Arena interactive model. working closely with your project team to identify your key objectives, define your scope and deliver a fully validated model to satisfy your needs and deliver the expected value.
You have purchased a developer license, went through the free training, want to make sure everything gets done correctly and quickly to add the expected value on your very first project. “Accelerate” speeds up the process of your model development while making sure that you take part in every step.
You have purchased a licensed Arena Package, went through the free training provided, started your simulation project, got stuck! Relax! We are here to set you in the right direction.

Sim-Support is Black Swan Solutions, on call simulation assistance program.
Welcome to Black Swan Solutions
In recent Years Operations and Supply Chain has become a vital Management aspect in every industry, changes in Operations have been truly revolutionary, and the pace of progress shows no sign of moderating. In our increasingly interconnected and interdependent global economy, the process of delivering supplies and finished goods from one place to another is accomplished by means of incredible technological innovation, clever new applications of old ideas, powerful software and of course the old fashioned concrete, steel and muscle.

Being efficient in operations is no longer an option, but a must, and still not enough to be a Market Leader. Leadership is attained by following the hard path towards Operational Excellence, which in turn is only achieved by making the right decisions when developing operations strategies, decisions that can be considered risky, and can only be diminished through careful planning for a successful implementation. Planning that can be time consuming, requiring advanced analytical tools to support the decisions to be made.

This is where Black Swan Solutions role comes; helping companies in making risk-free operations decisions, by offering world leading Decision Support Solutions along with Specialized Operations Consultancy Services. Black Swan Solutions is the Exclusive Middle East Partner of Arena, the World leading simulation software, a software provided by Rockwell Automation.
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We created this Website to provide our potential and existing Customers, with adequate info about our Company, Products and Services.
Once again in 2013, Gartner Identifies Advanced Analytics including Simulation as a Strategic Technology Trend.

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